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The JPEG PNG GIF Optimizer for Windows® 95/98/NT/ME/2000/XP/Vista/7/8

Image Optimizer is designed to to prepare the best possible JPEG, GIF and PNG image files for the web. File size reductions of up to 50% or often much more are possible, which can considerably decrease web page download times, reduce server load, reduce bandwidth charges and save on disk space.

Image Optimizer Standard Edition

The Standard Edition includes Resize, Digimarc Watermark, Caption, Crop, Rotate, Sharpen, E-Mail and Scanner & Digital camera interface and a  Batch Wizard for compressing multiple images.

Image Optimizer includes and builds on the technology introduced with JPEG Optimizer. You have complete control over GIFs and PNGs, by optimizing with regions.

There are two main modes of operation, 'Work with whole image' and 'Work with regions' .
Many users will find that they get good results using 'Work with whole image' mode as this will enable them to produce compact images quickly and easily. Advanced users will want to use the 'Work with regions' mode so they can fine-tune the optimization process to achieve even smaller file sizes.
A third mode, Batch Wizard allows you to optimize multiple files.

Image Optimizer gives the user complete interactive control of the entire optimization process, from changing compression settings to the ability to apply these to some areas of the image more than others.

With Digimarc watermarking you can watermark and track your Web Images. Image Optimizer will invisibly embed hidden copyright information and a link to your website (see below). Image Optimizer gives you complete control over how the watermark is embedded.


Speed up web pages, reduce server load, cut bandwidth costs and save disk space
JPEG, PNG and GIF compression
MagiCompression of JPEGs
Crop and Resize
Add text and image captions (place text and/or logos on each image)
Digimarc watermarking
Acquire image directly from TWAIN scanner or camera
E-Mail image
Real-time Preview
Regional optimization - compress and dither some areas more than others
Batch mode to compress 100s of Images at a time
Compress images to a maximum byte size (e.g. no more than 50000 bytes)
100% standard file formats, no plug in required
Choice of English, Français or Deutsch


The example below shows how Image Optimizer's advanced JPEG compression can give you smaller file sizes and better quality images. The "pink" image shows how the MagiCompress algorithm has automatically selected regions to compress at different quality levels. The pinker a region the more it is compressed.

Standard JPEG
5482 bytes
With Image
3779 bytes
Regional compression
comp_b.jpg (5482 bytes) comp_a.jpg (3779 bytes) comp_r.jpg (7367 bytes)
JPEG artifacts Reduced artifacts
ski_b.gif (6025 bytes) ski_a.gif (5549 bytes)


The rotate tool

Image Optimizer includes powerful crop and rotate tools. Below shows how the rotate tool can be used to quickly and easily correct tilt errors in photos.

Select the rotate tool. Choose a horizontal or vertical line in the image (in this case the roof line) and drag a line with the mouse along it.

Image Optimizer rotates the image to make the line vertical and automatically crops the image so that the edges are clean.

Image Optimizer Professional Edition

Image Optimizer Professional includes powerful Image enhancement routines to help you prepare enhanced and optimized images ready for the web.


All the tools and facilities of the Standard Edition
Enhance image: Levels, equalization, brightness and contrast
Color correction
Clean image: de-noise and spot/dead pixel removal
Focus image: sharpen and blur
Batch text and image caption
Batch Digimarc watermark
Batch Resize and thumbnail
Batch Enhance, Crop
Batch compress a folder (up to 1000 images)


Image Optimizer Professional enables you to enhance and optimize images very quickly and easily. Often the Auto button magicompress.gif (165 bytes) will automatically correct faults with an image. Here are some examples of the enhancements that can be achieved:

Before After
Enhance / Levels levels_b.jpg (5415 bytes) levels_a.jpg (7718 bytes)
Color correction
Clean / De-Noise


Captions - adding text or images

Image Optimizer 3.50 and above includes the ability to place another picture on the images and to add text to the image e.g:

In the above image, an xat.com logo has been placed over most of the image as a very transparent watermark and the file name has been added to the top right hand corner. Note that in this case an alpha channel is used to make parts of the logo fully transparent.

Digimarc Watermarks

Image Optimizer includes the ability to add Digimarc invisible digital watermarks.

At their most basic level, watermarked images are "marked" as uniquely yours. They communicate that the image is copyrighted. Watermarked images also increase e-commerce and online marketing opportunities because their special embedded code actually allows them to do things. Digimarc images can:

Help you find your images, wherever they go: Digimarc watermarked images become "homing beacons" on the World Wide Web. By using MarcSpider, you can track where and when your images have been moved or copied on the publicly indexible Web.
Take you places: More than just a hyperlink, Digimarc watermarked can take viewers to a web site, a licensing database, an image archive, an internal asset management system, and much more.
Announce your copyright: as previously described and reduce potential misuses of your images.

Anyone who licenses or publishes images, or uses them in marketing campaigns can benefit from Digimarc watermarking. A national museum currently uses them to communicate ownership of its often-copied artwork. A record company tracks the use of its musicians' photographs throughout the Internet. A major stock photo agency embeds watermarks that link to their company name and contact information into all their digital photos. Digimarc watermarked images serve as "mini ads" for their company.

How noise reduction improves Digimarc Watermarking

 Digimarc invisible watermarks are not in fact fully invisible but add what looks like noise to the image. The greater the intensity and durability of the watermark the more visible the noise will look.

xat.com's noise reduction technology can help you minimise the appearance of the watermark and also increase the intensity of watermark you use.

The images below show enlarged areas of the same image with different settings.

You can see that image D is considerably more noisy as it contains noise from the original image added to the watermarking signal. 
Image C and D contain the same intensity of watermark so image C has would allow for increased watermarking intensity to give your image greater protection.
As a bonus image C will be easier to compress than image D and will have a smaller file size.

A. Original image B. Noise reduced C. Noise reduced and watermarked D. Watermarked

Click here to sign up and for more information about Digimarc watermarking:
To download the new free Digimarc ImageBridge™ reader for Windows that will detect and flag watemarked images in your browser click here.


Download 1041K - working trial of Image Optimizer Version 5.10
(Note Standard trial is fully working, Professional trial adds small logo to images)

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