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The bulk JPEG, GIF & PNG Image Compressor for Windows and Unix


E-commerce acceleration
Batch Digimarc watermarking
Document archiving
ISP bandwidth saving
Disk storage space reduction
Uploaded image resize and optimize


Command driven, so can be easily called from other programs or scripting languages
Uses MagiCompress technology to optimize all the images on a disk or directory with a simple command.
Digimarc invisible watermarking
Visible watermarking
Up to 2x more compression than a standard JPEG
Speed up web pages and save disk space
Save $100,000s in bandwidth charges and storage costs
Reduce server load
Makes 100% compatible JPEGs
Resize images
GIF, PNG, TIF read and write
Automatically create thumbnails and HTML index files
Unix versions available

Resizing, Thumbnailing and Indexing

JPEG Disk Optimizer supports resizing and the ability to generate thumbnails and an HTML index file automatically (Windows only).

The following table was automatically generated from 8 larger images.

The command used was:
jdo  -sv  -q 95  -m 40  -rw 100  -rb  -t 4  *.jpg

Remove spots, dead pixels and noise

JPEG Disk Optimizer version 2.6 adds powerful image enhancement facilities. The -c switch allows you to remove spots (or dead pixels) and gaussian noise from the image. This can significantly improve the appearance of the image as well as make the image smaller:

DiverXat.jpg (9705 bytes) DiverStandard.jpg (23884 bytes) DiverOriginal.jpg (61205 bytes)

Image enhanced and
optimized with jdo.
9,705 bytes

Standard JPEG
23,844 bytes

Original Image
61,205 bytes

The command used was:
jdo -q 90 -m 30 -cn 30 diver.jpg

Advanced use of the Clean Image tool

You can use the -ca switch to achieve powerful cleaning effects. Usually it is best to experiment with settings for each image. Some examples are given here to show the results that can be achieved.
(Image shown 4x actual size)



Here the clean image tool has been used to remove dithering. The settings used were:
Amount - 38%
Radius - 2.0
Sensitivity - 25%

Here the clean image tool has been used to remove JPEG artifacts. The settings used were:
Amount - 60%
Radius - 2.0
Sensitivity - 20%

Digimarc Watermarks (Windows)

JPEG Disk Optimizer includes the ability to add Digimarc invisible digital watermarks.

At their most basic level, watermarked images are "marked" as uniquely yours. They communicate that the image is copyrighted. Watermarked images also increase e-commerce and online marketing opportunities because their special embedded code actually allows them to do things. Digimarc images can:

Anyone who licenses or publishes images, or uses them in marketing campaigns can benefit from Digimarc watermarking. A national museum currently uses them to communicate ownership of its often-copied artwork. A record company tracks the use of its musicians' photographs throughout the Internet. A major stock photo agency embeds watermarks that link to their company name and contact information into all their digital photos. Digimarc watermarked images serve as "mini ads" for their company.

How noise reduction improves Digimarc Watermarking

 Digimarc invisible watermarks are not in fact fully invisible but add what looks like noise to the image. The greater the intensity and durability of the watermark the more visible the noise will look.

xat.com's noise reduction technology can help you minimise the appearance of the watermark and also increase the intensity of watermark you use.

The images below show enlarged areas of the same image with different settings.

You can see that image D is considerably more noisy as it contains noise from the original image added to the watermarking signal. 
Image C and D contain the same intensity of watermark so image C has would allow for increased watermarking intensity to give your image greater protection.
As a bonus image C will be easier to compress than image D and will have a smaller file size.

A. Original image

B. Noise reduced

C. Noise reduced and watermarked

D. Watermarked

 Click here to sign up and for more information about Digimarc watermarking:
To download the new free Digimarc ImageBridge™ reader for Windows that will detect and flag watemarked images in your browser click here.

Example usage:

jdo -q 50 -d -s D:\*.jpg

Compress all JPEGs on drive D: with quality level 50. Write a summary of space saved at the end.

For more details about JPEG Disk Optimizer click here.

Visible Watermarks and text annotation (Windows)

JPEG Disk Optimizer 3.10 and above includes the ability to place another picture on the images and to add text to the image e.g:

In the above image, an xat.com logo has been placed over most of the image as a very transparent watermark and the file name has been added to the top right hand corner. Note that in this case an alpha channel is used to make parts of the logo fully transparent.

The command used was:

jdo -q 95 -m 20 -vf xat.tif -vl bl -vm 0 4 -vo 15 -tt +f.jpg -tc#000080 -tf times 30 -tl tr -tm 8 2 flags.jpg

Download - JPEG Disk Optimizer commercial demo Version.

Click the link below for the working commercial demo download version you require:

Unix doc file

(Windows demo inserts a small logo)
(note Solaris version is JDO version 3)

For all questions, comments, product details, site licenses and Technical Support issues please contact support

Purchasing JPEG Disk Optimizer

JPEG Disk Optimizer is available in two versions, a full version and a standard version (without MagiCompression and noise reduction).

Please click on the purchase link for pricing.

Unix version of JPEG Disk Optimizer

Several Unix versions of JPEG Disk Optimizer are available including Solaris, BSD and Linux. See the above links for the fully working commercial demo download.

Note that the Unix version has some restricted features, e.g. it does not yet support Digimarc Watermarking,  HTML generation or GIF/PNG compression.


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